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Thursday, 31 December 2015 13:51

Founder Motivation

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In one word, founder of this project has a firm believe that there is no any reference to prove this point that human with 46 chromosomes is only complete human being.

In which reason, we must result to this issue that human with 46 chromosomes is complete and human with 47 chromosomes (Syndrome Down) is Retarded man.

Retardation Word is relative and while we say retarded, our mean is retarded in connection with something.

What is that?

If Don syndrome people are retarded then we must be forwarded?!

What are we forwarded?

Professor Azadeh Abbaszadeh is founder of wall 47 project and believes that dividing people to forwarded and retarded people based on chromosome is not a good division and surely is futile. Don syndrome people are exhibited in 3 diseases factors:

  1. Severe and progressive dysfunction of the thyroid gland.
  2. Progressive Alzheimer.
  3. ALL (Type of blood cancer)

We try to maintain them and help them to survive. Not to forget that maintaining them for us is very necessary who in reality we are paralysis victims who are active only in Marathon course, a Marathon for survive. They have a deep look that can break down anything; it’s a new look at which express us a new approach. This approach is practical and pure.

            May be this question established for everyone: when there are different physically and mentally disabilities around us then why we have a complete attention to Don Syndrome in this project? Our response is:

            Founders of wall 47 project believes that Don syndromes are people who have real laugh, boundless simply and too honesty and perhaps this extra chromosome has established their kindness, humanity and clearness.

            Of course in this project when its responsibility was in behalf of Dr. Azad Abbaszadeh, clarified which these people are recluse and isolated and also she was aware that these people have incredible abilities in art and cultural fields, these potential talents can convert to public talents around the country and they can be injected as human forces with low IQ scores.


Thursday, 31 December 2015 13:50

Done Activities

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This wall 47 will continue its activities in each place that is constructed because its Users

are Down syndrome people and its audience are people.

This project has lunched since 2007 with inevitable personal cost and all of their periodic

examinations have pursued with Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh and every 3maonths a time a

consultation meeting holds for their families.

Walls 47 around the country have lunched their activities accordance to their opening Dates:

1. Inauguration of first wall 47 in Gilan state (Rezawan shahr city) 25.08.2014. After first

inauguration, people’s welcome and their parent were too much in which less than 20

days, next wall was inaugurated.

2. Second inauguration of wall 47 in Gilan state (Pare sar city) 12.09.2014.

3. Inauguration of third wall 47 in Qom city in 11.12.2014, one of best achievements in this

city was weaving carpet with wall 47 issue and until now it’s weaving and very soon, it

will be registered as 1st weaved document in UNICEF by Down syndrome’s parents.

4. Inauguration of 4th wall 47 in Kerman state (Sirjan city) in 27.12.2014.

 Most important achievements in inauguration of wall 47 in Kerman state was

saving a 6-year old child who immediate needs an open-heart surgery and due

to lack of financial ability, surgery cannot be done and after inauguration of

wall 47, this child identified and Nikan donors provided his surgery cost

(120,000,000 Rials), after that this child underwent surgery and now, he has

happy and healthy life.

 The other good things after inauguration wall 47 in Sirjan was cooperation

with Borna Cycling Club through this cooperation, Members of this club

pedaled and crossed from different cities and had a great role in awareness of

society people and responsible in familiarity with Down Syndrome people.

 The other good things after inauguration wall 47 in Sirjan was cooperation

with Borna Cycling Club through this cooperation, Members of this club

pedaled and crossed from different cities and had a great role in awareness of

society people and responsible in familiarity with Down Syndrome people.

5. Inauguration of 5th wall 47, in Semnan state (Semnan city) in 26.02.2015.

6. Inauguration of 6th wall 47 in Fars state (Abade city).

 Most important achievement after this inauguration was beginning close and

earnest cooperation with health network of Abadeh city, based on acceptance

of appropriate tests, exact examinations and doing free echocardiography for

all down syndromes.a

Thursday, 31 December 2015 13:48

Campaign -1

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Founder of wall 47 project Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh, launched a campaign name as Campaign -

1in 2014 which converted to a global campaign quickly and had a global reflex in one of the

most authentic site called (specialmiracledownsyndrome.com) this site is about Down syndrome.

Here is my medical office and who have Down syndrome are my best friends.

Our dear healthy friends in the world! Read this:

We have 47 chromosomes and you have 46, you have one less (-1).

This is a fact and so we are unable to do some things, but we have something special: the

hammer for life...the special breaker.

We are very simple and plain and this simplicity and clarity is a breaker of all the difficulties and

complexities of today modern life; a breaker as a hammer.

My friends and I


Thursday, 31 December 2015 13:46

Targets and Outlook

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Targets and Outlook


1. Accommodation to improvement of their situation economically through education

human force in the occupations which no need very high degree of intelligence.

2. Drawing back (Down Syndromes) to society and using them as human forces who lived

in compulsive isolation.

3. Reducing mortality statistics in Down Syndromes by exact examination and following

supplementary tests and accommodation to protection and retention of them in society.

4. Visiting them free due to low number of Down syndrome people compared with 46

Chromosomes people.

5. Making free echocardiography which at now is too expensive for Down syndrome

people, because most of them have heart disorders.

6. Holding global cycling tour for Down syndrome people, wall 47 is a wall for

understanding Down syndrome people and education of society right behavior deal with

Down syndrome people.

7. Holding music and painting training courses as free.

8. Establishment of employment opportunities in individual and grouping dimensions.

9. Help to reduce depression rate in society through laugh registration of Down syndrome

people on wall 47.

About us

All of our effort is not to Miss Down syndrome people easily and help to survive them … Not to forget maintaining them for us, who think we are forwarded intellectually, is necessary. Speed of life have made us, paralysis that can be effective in marathon, Marathon for survive. But Down syndrome people look break hardness of all objects and phenomena and they give us a new approach shows us which is without any slogan and is very functional.

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