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Campaign -1

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Founder of wall 47 project Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh, launched a campaign name as Campaign -

1in 2014 which converted to a global campaign quickly and had a global reflex in one of the

most authentic site called ( this site is about Down syndrome.

Here is my medical office and who have Down syndrome are my best friends.

Our dear healthy friends in the world! Read this:

We have 47 chromosomes and you have 46, you have one less (-1).

This is a fact and so we are unable to do some things, but we have something special: the

hammer for life...the special breaker.

We are very simple and plain and this simplicity and clarity is a breaker of all the difficulties and

complexities of today modern life; a breaker as a hammer.

My friends and I


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All of our effort is not to Miss Down syndrome people easily and help to survive them … Not to forget maintaining them for us, who think we are forwarded intellectually, is necessary. Speed of life have made us, paralysis that can be effective in marathon, Marathon for survive. But Down syndrome people look break hardness of all objects and phenomena and they give us a new approach shows us which is without any slogan and is very functional.

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